Infi-Optima originates from infinite optimum ways of getting things done. Infi-Optima believes in choosing most optimized solutions as per your requirements.  We love what we do, that simply makes us a prefferd choice for customized and robust solutions. Our cost effective methodologies and commitment enable us to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers. 




We are a team of enthusiasts, who love to accept challenging experiences while providing quality products and services. We are always willing to go the extra mile for you.


Our aim is to provide quality product and services with the low cost of ownership and high business value.  Our products and solutions are also agile and in sync with industry standards.


We understand and adapt CAN-DO attitude; we imply same for all challenges that come across in making you a success story. Our clients are the biggest asset for us and we believe in putting extra effort to achieve user’s trust in our products and services.



Business Analysis

If you require an in-depth analysis of your idea, reach us out. Our well-equipped business analysis team will save your time and money and help you attain your desired results after performing a hardcore analysis of your business idea. 

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Technical Consultancy

We have extensive and quality experience in the industry, which allows us to provide you consultancy at the Technical level. If you are planning for a transformation or any minor changes in your organization, we can help you with your requirements and find the most suitable solution.Read more

Product Management

We offer customized tools to highlight any discrepancies in your business components.  The invisibility of financial statistics can cause serious harm to an organization. From our experience, we know that one of the main factors for revenue loss is data inconsistency.Read more


Infi-Optima offers efficient ways to automate tasks and processes in your business flow. Automation doesn’t just increase the efficiency of your staff but also plays a significant role in company’s growth.Read more


We offer customized middleware for your departments or systems to be able to communicate among themselves. Most businesses have their own data islands but their data is not linked to any other organization or local resources.Read more

Web and Mobile Applications

Infi-Optima provides state of the art, elegant and responsive websites. We can design and develop a small scale to a large scale web applications. We are also capable of developing robust and amazing mobile applications.Read more


Infi-Optima team is equipped with a diverse and quality skill set. We have our specialists from multiple domains in Information Communication and Technology Sector.  Network Management, Service Assurance, Service Management, Physical and Logical Resource Inventory, Inside Plant and Outside Plant Resource Inventory, Application Development are some of our core expertise.
Network Solutions95
Service Management90
Web and Mobile Application Development85
Customized Solutions95
Revenue Assurance80